Insurances Overview

Well-structured insurance policies form one of the cornerstones of your financial foundation. Having an insurance adviser on your side offering the right cover for your individual needs is paramount when planning your overall position. Whether it’s life insurance, medical, or income/mortgage protection, we can advise on the best policies for your specific needs.

As unaligned advisers we can find the best product to fit your needs from New Zealand’s top providers.

Life Insurance

Life insurance will help maintain financial stability, should any unforeseen circumstances occur. If you were to die or be diagnosed with a terminal illness, the effects on your family could be catastrophic. Life insurance can help to alleviate some of the burden and safeguard your loved ones.

Medical Insurance

With a myriad of medical insurance options out there, it is important to be advised on what is right for your specific needs. Our trusted advisors are highly experienced in this field and will help you to understand and organise medical insurance for your specific circumstances.

Trauma Cover

Including trauma cover as part of your risk plan can provide a lump sum payment in the event of serious injury or critical illness. The funds allow peace of mind in such circumstances, meaning you could make a full recovery and you and your loved ones won’t have to stress about finances during a difficult time.

Total Disability Cover

Unfortunately, there is always a risk of permanent disability, injuries or illnesses that are not part of our overall plan in life. For this reason, your risk plan should include total disability insurance (TPD) for these possibilities.

Income &Mortgage Protection

In partnership with disability insurance, what would happen to you and your family if you unexpectedly lost your income due to illness or injury? Income protection or mortgage protection insurance could help to reduce the burden financially, should the unexpected happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Talk to us about all your insurance cover requirements. Our Success Avenue advisors will work hard to create a policy specific to your needs. There is a lot to think about when considering your insurances, so with that in mind we have prepared a few of the more commonly asked questions to help get you started.
Our advisors are specialists in insurance protection, with knowledge of the market and access to the most reputable insurers available to provide professional advice on identifying risks and recommend the best solutions. Insurances can be confusing and overwhelming, so let our advisors walk you through the options and help you choose the best risk cover for your needs.
Standard distribution costs are often calculated as part of an insurers premium rating. This means that often there will be little, if any, difference between using a broker or going direct. Using a broker is also beneficial to help you prevent any uninsured losses. Should you find the cheapest cover from an insurer directly, this may not always be the best value for your circumstances.
You will need to disclose any pre-existing conditions to your advisor when considering medical insurances as they may affect your insurance coverage. Many companies will not cover such conditions whilst others may exceptionally accept you conditionally by providing a pre-existing condition exclusion period.
We will be in regular contact with you to ensure your current policies are still relevant, and to check if there are any updates to be made, or advise any general policy changes you should be aware of. If we can provide you with a better cover, for example, if market conditions have changed, we will advise you accordingly.
In most situations, yes it will. However, this means that you are taking on a slightly higher portion of the risk yourself, so a percentage discount may be applied. In some instances, the insurer may apply a higher excess without reducing premiums if it is considered high risk. This could be the case for older dwellings, certain constructions materials, etc.
Burglary is a result of forcible or violent entry or exit. Theft has no physical signs and refers to missing property.
In essence, an insurance broker will help you identify the risks you are exposed to. We can talk you through various insurance products for these risks that suit your individual requirements. We will help you with general insurance advice and handle any amendments to your policies. In the event of a claim, our advisors can help you with submitting the claim and acts as a liaison between you and the insurer to resolve the claim
Explain a bit about the industry regulations etc…
Your personal situation and requirements will determine exactly the level of insurance policies you need. When you discuss your needs with a Success Avenue advisor, they will advise you on all the options available and work getting the best cover for you at the best price.
As your advisor, we will assist you with the paperwork involved with making and submitting a claim. We then liaise between you and the insurer to arrive at a successful resolution.
It is very likely that we can. We do the background work for you, liaising with many of New Zealand’s top providers, giving us an advantage of negotiating better deals than you will find alone. It is often also worth noting that you may end up paying more for your insurance going it alone, as you may not get the right policy for your needs, or not having the right sum assured. We will source the best insurance policy for you at the best possible price.
There are a few contributing factors to increases in insurance premiums. The main one is due to the fact that as we age, the risk of suffering a critical illness, being unable to work for lengthy periods, or becoming permanently disabled increases. Another factor is the increased risk of mortality (the chance of dying or being diagnosed with a terminal illness). The third major contributor is inflation. As most insurance benefits are linked to the CPI (Consumer Price Index), the benefit amount increases each year according to the rate of inflation. Depending on which provider and policy we recommend for you, we will explain what you might expect to pay in premium increases.
It is important to contact your Success Avenue advisor should something change. This could be buying or selling a home or vehicle, an alteration to your home or addition to your family. Any change in your personal circumstances may mean that your risk exposure my be reduced or increased.
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