Financial Coaching Overview

One of the biggest issues in modern society today is a lack of knowledge about money. We spend years attending school with the intention of being better prepared for the future, to help us decide what we want to do with our lives, to shape our knowledge and make the right choices when choosing a career, to not only support ourselves but our families in the future. But we are not taught how to effectively manage our finances. 

Instead, we are constantly bombarded with shiny things that in many cases help us remain in debt. Credit cards, short term debit cards, personal loans, etc., are available to purchase things that can help us feel good, be accepted by our peers, or put us above others in society. But in many cases, they won’t help improve our lifestyles. 

Like being in a hamster wheel, not having any clear direction, constantly reacting to our environment, getting in debt, not living our ideal lifestyle, not having a solid retirement plan, can have a huge negative impact on our lives. Not only from a financial point of view, this can also create a huge amount of anxiety that can lead to health issues in the future. The cost of living continues to increase and if we don’t do anything about improving our situation now, having a financial stress-free life and a good retirement might not happen. 

The Good News

The good news is, we don’t have to live this way, we can take control, focus on what is really important, learn to be better with money, and enjoy a great life while we build a better one. 

If you were to go to the gym and sign up with a personal trainer to help you with a fitness program, they will keep you accountable and help you to achieve your fitness goals. We have designed a financial coaching program ‘Set for Success’ to help you do the same with your lifestyle and financial goals. 

Choose one of the options below for a complimentary financial discovery meeting or a free chat to see if our coaching program is the right fit for you.  

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Set for Success Plan


Current wealth snapshot with Planolitix.

Planolitix is an in-depth financial tool to help us understand your financial life, the way you spend your money, how you save, your investments, plus helping project your future investments to ensure you are on the right path.


Financial coaching.

Like having a personal trainer to set you on the right fitness path at the gym, having a financial coach to teach you the basic principles of finance can have huge value. 


Financial management/budgeting advice.

Make sure you are maximising the way you use your money and that you are not giving it all away to finance companies, banks, or the tax man. 


Define financial success.

Do you know how much money you need to live your best life?


Set goals.

Writing down your goals will help you map the specific steps to achieve them, no matter how big they are.


Wealth projection.

We will help you project your future investments to make sure they are the right moves for you.


Financial products review.

Are your financial products in line with your financial plan? We will review you mortgage structure, property ownership structure, your insurances and your KiwiSaver to ensure they are all in line with your plans to build wealth. 


Property advice.

We will coach you about different property investment options to go in line with your risk and lifestyle profile.


Unlimited access to your Planolitix portal.

Take control of your finances, see the effects the different types of investments will have for your retirement, gain control over your expenses, project your wealth.  


Quarterly check-ins.

Accountability is key to encourage you to take action.


Ongoing support.

We are here to support you and make sure the advice we provide is still relevant in the future.

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