Top 10 Financial Tips to help you live your best life

Here are the top 10 lessons we found were the most helpful for achieving financial success for the 100s of clients we have helped over the years.

The problem?

One of the biggest issues in modern society today is a lack of knowledge about money. We spend years attending school with the intention of being better prepared for the future, to help us decide what we want to do with our lives, to shape our knowledge and make the right choices when choosing a career, to not only support ourselves but our families in the future. But we are not taught how to effectively manage our finances and how to optimise their potential to achieve that lifestyle we’ve been preparing ourselves for.

How can we solve this gaping hole in our financial education?

Becoming successful at anything in life takes time. The sooner you start adding positive changes to aspects in your life that you want to improve, the sooner you will reach your destination. It is called positive compounding, a term used in finance all the time and applies to every area of your life.
" The definition of success for us at Success Avenue is to live your ideal lifestyle without being limited by how much money you make. Money is not what is important. What is important is making enough money to live your best life. "


Measure success by having the ability to live your life, without having to worry about being restricted by money. Not by the sheer amount of money you’re making.

How do you measure success this way?

First, you have to understand what lifestyle success means to you. For some
people, success means being simply rich. For others, it’s about living in a community, living off the land and being self-sustainable. And then you have everything else in between. You are the only one who can determine what it is to be truly successful because it is your life and your goals are personal to you.

Once you understand your definition of lifestyle success, you have to put a price tag on all the different elements necessary to live a successful life. Food, a comfortable home, work/life balance, family time, sports, toys, travelling, etc. How much does this all realistically cost you?

Compare that sum of money to what you are currently making, and you can start understanding your current level of success.

If you are making enough money today to live your ideal lifestyle and cover those costs, the focus should be on how you would sustain that in the future and into your retirement.

If you are not making enough money to cover that lifestyle, then you need to improve your current financial situation and plan for your future sustainability.

If you have wealthy parents and expect to inherit a lot of money in the future, then focus on now. Nothing is promised in this life, life events and unforeseen circumstances can narrow this expected inheritance, so it’s better to be prepared.

How can we help our kids make the right financial decisions for their futures? How can we help them get the tools and finances they need to be able to buy a house, start businesses and provide for their future families?

We can help.

Our approach to finance at Success Avenue is helping our clients understand all of the above so that they understand the actions necessary to achieve their chosen success. That is why the relationship with our clients is always long term and very active in each area of their financial life.

We help our clients with expert advice in the following areas:

– Mortgages
– Insurance
– KiwiSaver
– Financial Coaching

Having someone to help you make sure that every aspect of your financial life is working with cohesion and getting you the best possible results, can hugely improve your chances of living your chosen successful life now and in the future.

Get off the hamster wheel!

Failing to have a good plan and getting up in the morning without any direction can feel like being in a hamster wheel. Not having any clear direction, constantly reacting to our environment, getting in debt, not living our ideal lifestyle, not having a solid retirement plan is the hamster wheel that can have a huge negative impact on our lives. Sound familiar? You’re not alone. This never-ending loop of bad habits with short-lived outcomes can create a huge amount of anxiety and burnout, not only from a financial point of view, but it can also lead to health issues in the future and a sense of dissatisfaction with your life as a whole. The cost of living continues to increase, and if we don’t do anything about improving our situation now, having a financially stress-free life and a good retirement plan might not happen. It’s time to break that loop and get off the wheel before it’s too late.

Take action now!

The financial decisions you make ultimately affect your lifestyle. Surrounding yourself with the right professionals to gain a better understanding of money and finances is crucial to ensure you are living the life you want now and creating financial success for the future. Our team lives and breathes the concept of working and playing hard. With many years of experience as business owners and financial advisors, we can help you choose the financial pathway that’s right for you
It’s easy to find out whether we are a fit for your financial journey without having to commit to anything. We offer a FREE 1-hour “Financial Advice Discovery” zoom meeting to learn more about each other and how you will benefit from working with us. All you have to do is fill out the simple form below with some details, and we’ll book you in for a no-obligation chat!

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