Juan Jose Cumar AKA "JC"

Financial Adviser

Mortgage – Insurance – KiwiSaver – Coaching

A seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for both the financial world and the thrill of watersports. Since diving into the entrepreneurial scene over 25 years ago, in 2016 within the financial services sector, JC has been making waves not only in business but also on the open water. When he’s not navigating the complexities of finance, you’ll find JC harnessing the wind and waves, indulging in his love for kitesurfing, wing foiling, and surfing. A family man at heart, JC enjoys sharing these exhilarating water adventures with his kids, creating a perfect balance between the dynamic business landscape and the serenity of the sea.

Johnston Jang AKA ‘JJ’

Financial Adviser


Meet JJ, a vibrant individual who has called New Zealand home for over 25 years. His professional journey has been diverse, spanning roles in banking and finance, real estate, property management, and mortgage broking—a field he has excelled in since 2015.


Known for his bubbly personality, JJ finds immense joy in assisting clients in achieving their dreams of homeownership or making strategic investments. He goes beyond transactional relationships, providing ongoing advice to enhance their wealth plans.


Fluent in both Mandarin and Taiwanese, JJ’s cultural fluency and respect for diversity enable him to build strong client relationships based on trust. Alongside his financial expertise, JJ boasts a fascinating background. He’s a former representative of New Zealand in Latin American dance competitions, a professional Latin dance coach, Art Director for Chinese Lantern Festivals, and a judge for the Miss Asian International New Zealand contest.


Outside the professional arena, JJ dedicates his time to his passions. Whether teaching dance, hitting the gym, or leading yoga and meditation classes, he stays fit and socializes with friends. To connect with JJ, simply send a message via the contact page on our website, and he’ll be delighted to assist you.

Sarah Imhof

Admin and tech specialist

Sarah is a trusted Adviser Support Specialist, with a wealth of experience spanning over 5 years in the financial services world, particularly in insurance. From providing top-notch support to our financial advisers to exceeding client expectations, Sarah’s got it all covered. When she’s off the clock, you’ll find her soaking up Vitamin Sea at the beach or sweating it out at the gym.

Steph Kolovos

Financial Adviser

Mortgage – Insurance

With a remarkable career spanning since 2015, she has acquired a diverse range of experience in various roles within the financial industry. From administration and insurance claims support to office management and business and compliance operations, Steph has cultivated a comprehensive understanding of the financial services landscape.


In 2018, Steph transitioned into the role of a Financial Adviser, driven by her recognition of the immense value that comes from providing clients with top-quality advice and personalised care. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and a vast network of professionals, Steph is adept at offering tailored guidance and steering individuals towards financial success. Her commitment to going above and beyond for her clients is evident in her ability to forge meaningful relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.


Steph’s enthusiasm for life is infectious, and she approaches every endeavour with an unwavering zest. Beyond her role as a Financial Adviser, she loves to dance, is a dedicated mentor, and a self-proclaimed DIY Diva and loves to read. Currently, she is eagerly pursuing her certification as a Marriage Celebrant, further expanding her ability to bring joy and happiness into people’s lives.


With her go-getter attitude and genuine passion for people, Steph is a true asset to her clients and the financial industry. Whether she is helping clients achieve their goals, exploring new opportunities, or spreading positivity in her community, Steph’s drive and dedication are truly remarkable.

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